Book Review: “No Better Time” by Molly Knight Raskin

By Jessica Muto

I recently had the privilege of reading Molly Knight Raskin‘s well-researched and inspiring biography of an unsung hero: Danny Lewin.

Danny Lewin’s life, from American teen growing up in Israel to member of the elite Israeli counter-terrorism force to computer genius at MIT, is the stuff of fiction. But it’s not.

A young man whose stubborn will and refusal to give up kept his small tech company Akamai alive during the crash had a mind that would have ensured his place with such greats as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs if he had lived past age 31.

After transforming the internet and making it possible to have the high speed we take for granted today, Danny Lewin boarded Flight 11 on September 11, 2001. We believe his counter-terrorism training and fierce courage made him the first victim of those terrorist attacks, when he was stabbed in the first class cabin trying to stop the hijackers.

Raskin’s account of his life is detailed and vivid, and she handles his death with delicacy and the honor due a hero.

If you use the internet at all, and if you remember 9/11 – I highly recommend this book.

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