Summer is here

Summer is Here

For many, summer is a time of relaxation. Teachers and students are off for a few precious weeks. Office workers and entrepreneurs often take a vacation around this season. It’s a time of travel, different schedules, camps, late nights, and naps (sometimes.)

But the summer can be so much more. On a personal level, this is a time for intentionally working on activities and goals you may feel too busy for the rest of the year. You can begin that great America novel, learn to juggle, go surfing, or take a screenwriting class.

This is a good time to start building healthier habits, whether exercising more, spending more time outside and away from your computer and phone, or learning a healthier style of cooking. The longer hours of sunlight give us extra energy and the feeling that now there finally IS time for that long-put-off project.

Many people create a Summer Bucket List with ideas big and small. Joining a group of people like a running group, a book club, or a writer’s group, can help jump start these new activities.

In PR, the summer is a good time to invoke a little boost of sunshine and spark in your campaigns. Seasonal summer topics like vacation, sports, sun protection, going to college, and holidays are easily connected to many other topics for pitches and features. It’s a great time of year for seeing what the trends in books are for the Fall and Winter seasons, cleaning up your desk, updating your database, finding new connections at events, learning new things coming up next for the industry, and checking in on your ongoing campaigns.

At Booth, we spend the summer getting checking in on our goals and getting excited again what’s ahead in the fall, a big season for publishing. We spend some time learning new things happening in the industry, new shows and publications to pitch. The summer is a great time to bring new ideas and technology into your PR process.

Summer is here; what will you do with it?

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