In Defense of Printed Books

There’s nothing quite like feeling of holding a book in your hand: its weight, the crispness of each page; its smell. Growing up, trips to the local library and bookstore were constant. Venturing out in public to get your hands on the latest series was routine. However, since the introduction of e-books, the way we read has changed.

E-books offer consumers a variety of benefits which is evidence of their success. This includes the convenience of transportation and accessibility virtually everywhere via tablet or smartphone. Consumers latched onto the ease immediately. According to New York Time reports, from 2008-2010, e-book sales skyrocket up to 1,260 percent. The affordance of e-books allows readers more than one option how to consume literature. This, and our society’s fascination with personalized technology drives the popularity of e-books.

For literary publishers and book publicists, the topic of e-books is perhaps uncomfortable. Even though there is no indication that the production of traditional books will stop soon, the idea that it could happen is daunting. Let’s not forget there was a point in time not too long ago when printed books were once coveted objects. For purists such as ourselves here at Booth Media Group, we can only hope that other avid readers will yearn for the unparalleled feeling of sticking your nose in the pages of a traditional book.

Whether you prefer a printed book or e-book, publicity can help regardless of format to increase media exposure. As book publicists, we cannot stress enough the importance of using an experienced, results-driven public relations agency to manage a personalized campaign for your brand. For new or self-published authors, the positioning gained in your field as an expert is invaluable. Electronic or not, public relations offer a variety of opportunities to market your book.

I’m on Amazon, why do I need a website and a blog?

Glad you asked.

After months of writing and rewriting, of working with an editor, of pouring one’s self into a book, it can be understandable that the very last thing an author wants to do is write more. Especially when that more is for a platform or marketplace they feel might be a waste of time.

It’s a common misconception that once the book is written, it is done. But in order for an author to truly reach their audience on a much larger scale, the book needs to be placed in the hands of their fans. In order to do this, standing out in the constant noise of digital media is key. And it’s easier to stand out when you have something to stand ON: content.

Before a book is finished, it is wise to begin creating the buzz online. This can be done through a thoughtfully designed website that features you as an author and the book itself as a coming attraction. Generating this kind of interest grows more the closer you get to the book’s release date. Along with the website itself, having a strong blog that consistently shares information about the author, the origin of the story, locations found in the story, and other bite-sized details will be good in keeping the potential readership interested. A website can even give the author an idea about how well the book will be received by offering things like pre-order options.

A strong blog will also generate a great deal of content that can be shared across social media, something that should go without mentioning when it comes to the promotion and buzz that an author generates. These blogs also allow your PR campaign to showcase what’s coming: everybody wins!

Of course, an author who has just written a book might not be interested managing all of the day-to-day activities of their book promotion. This is why hiring a good social, web, and marketing firm such as Booth Media Group is essential in creating that ever-important web presence for the book.

Having a book is one thing. Marketing the right way to gain the necessary traction is another and can make all the difference in your overall success as a published author. It can be a journey to becoming a household name or seeing your book on the big screen, but it all starts with content.

Pros and cons of a radio campaign

by Booth Media Group

We’ve talked a lot about book tours as one of the time honored traditions of publishing a book. Part of what makes a book tour successful are radio spots talking about the event in each area. Being heard on the radio talking about your book and area of expertise, is a huge factor in people not only hearing about you, but caring about you – and your book.

Why do you want to be on radio?

The most important reason to be on radio is to tap into the influence of the hosts who have a dedicated following. Whether the audience is small and fierce or large and sprawling, loyal listeners tend to follow the advice of their favorite voice on the air waves, and if that voice tells them to buy your book or go to your website you can bet most of them will.

Your publicist works very hard to find radio shows that really fit your book or topic, and these shows may range widely depending on how versatile you can be. These radio shows will ideally have large local or regional audiences, or even national audiences. If they can be heard online either live or as podcasts, they have the potential to reach much farther.

In order to gain the interest and commitment of the radio producers and hosts who have the power to give you air time, your publicist must understand your work and the connections to current news and stories so that he or she can quickly communicate why you are a great fit for an interview. You can help this process along greatly by providing useful comments and insight into events and stories in the news, even if your book is about something different. For example, the author of a book about the scandals of a past president can provide interesting perspective on current scandals and therefore join in the conversation in today’s news. For other tips on how to sell your book in an interview, check out our blog.

Long story short, a radio campaign can get your name in the ears of a large number of people you could not otherwise reach. Pros include being able to do interviews from almost anywhere (as long as you have a landline) and not having to get dressed up. Also, these interviews are often archived online where they can be accessed, found, and the links sent by anyone. Cons include sometimes having to get up very early in the morning to accommodate time zone differences, sometimes speaking to small audiences, and not being able to talk with your hands (come on, we all do it!)

If you aren’t already considering a radio campaign for your new book or endeavor, talk to your publicist today to see if it would be a good fit.

What Exactly Does a PR Firm Do? Part Three


We’re finally here! We’re ending our three-part series about what a PR firm does with book tours.

Book tours are one of those things that, if you decide to pursue, should be handled by a PR agency. Pitching, following up, and booking interviews can be stressful and time consuming – so let a trained professional do it!

Deciding to embark on a book tour is like deciding to take a road trip across America. It’s not impossible by any means, but some planning and a map are highly recommended. Think of a PR agency as your road map and a trained guide all in one. We’re here to make sure you have a professionally planned and successful book tour.

When deciding on a book tour you should have a reason for traveling to specific cities. Having a conference, event or connection to the cities you’re touring in will give you the best media coverage.

At Booth Media Group we have booked hundreds of book tours so trust us when we say it takes dedication to have a successful campaign. When looking into a book tour, you must keep in mind that it is a full-time commitment for the duration of the tour. A good PR firm will start planning for a book tour at least 3-4 months in advance.

To make your book tour successful, besides hiring a PR firm, you should have a reason for touring in a city. If you’re going to Chicago, New York and Austin, you have to have a compelling reason for the media in each city to talk with you and learn about your book.

The hook for the media can be anything from having a conference in the city, having your book celebration or commenting on the anniversary of a major historical event, or even having a party at a restaurant in the city.

These local events will interest the media, who will then also talk with you about your over all message. It’s also very valuable to have friends in each tour city who can come to your events – and bring THEIR friends! With events, who you know can be very helpful, and there is really is strength in numbers. The media are more likely to be interested in you, and the venues are more likely to help promote you, if you can bring more warm bodies with you.

As crazy as a book tour might sound (and feel,) having a dedicated PR firm behind you (and before you) will help things go smoothly. They can even be fun!

Book Review: The Power of the Heart

Book Review for The Power of the Heart by Baptist de Pape – get it here.

Reviewer: Rose from San Diego, friend of Booth Media Group

That we still don’t truly know how the heart starts beating, and that our very first heartbeat begins spontaneously – well, this must be the stuff of magic, right? It’s not magic, but it is something that transcends such a superficial notion; the heart is the energetic hub of our respective life force.

Baptist De Pape’s The Power of the Heart is a poignant examination of said life force. Along with a collective of esteemed Co-creators, De Pape explores the heart as being much more than a bodily organ pumping blood, but is a limitless source of love, intuition, and intelligence. The heart creates love and connects us with others in this world; consequently, when you open to your heart, the world opens up around you – generating a ripple effect of positive energy. When mindful of this interconnectedness of the heart, your heart’s intuition will allow you to perceive beyond your five senses and rationales and help to exercise compassion for others. Knowledge and reason takes us so far, but your heart communicates the deepest level of your consciousness – through which you can find meaning, creativity, and purpose to “break through the everyday restrictions on your life and imagination – to live fully engaged.”

I am thrilled to know there are plenty of those in our world who still believe the power of love can conquer all.