What exactly does a PR Firm Do? Part One

BMG (3)You’ve spent the past months, years and possibly even decades writing your book. Now that you have a published work that is basically part of the family tree, you want to get serious about people reading your book – besides your immediate family, of course.

Here’s where we step in. As a boutique public relations firm, Booth Media Group
specializes in attaining media coverage of your book so readers who are interested in your genre learn about and purchase your book.

There are a multitude of PR firms that focus in just about anything you can imagine from fitness to entertainment to dog toys. As an author you’ll want a PR firm that works with books since it will have connections to media who are interested in the book industry and your story.

Getting back to the main point – what exactly does a PR firm do? It’s a question that has so many answers we’ve split it into three blog posts. Today we’re focusing on the most basic part of a PR agency: media relations.

The boiled down answer is we use our connections and knowledge of the media to get coverage and exposure of your book.
It seems simple, right?

Just like writing a book seems simple, it isn’t. That’s why you need a PR firm that specializes in the book industry and can get you the media coverage you deserve.
We are so committed to making sure you get the best PR firm for your book that we dedicated an entire blog post to what you should ask and look for in a quality PR firm.

At Booth Media Group we spend countless hours writing, pitching, researching and following up with the media to maximize the coverage of your book. In fact the first few hours of any publicists day at BMG is spent booking interviews and interacting with the media. Through our pleasantly persistent publicists and tailoring what media we pitch for each book, we have built strong media contacts who continuously book with our authors.

As a PR firm that specializes in the book industry, we know what works and what doesn’t. It also helps that we’ve been in the business for over 19 years, developing strong relationships with the media who respect us and how we work.

Check back next week as we talk about the essential sidekick to any PR agency: social media.