A Different Kind of New Year: 2016

from Booth Media Group

Setting new year’s resolutions is certainly a time-honored tradition, and publicists are no different. We all want to be healthier, stronger, more financially secure, etc. We talk about signing up for classes, joining a gym, eating more vegetables, reading bigger books, and generally improving ourselves. 45% of Americans set New Year’s Resolutions, but only about 8% will be successful in reaching those goals.

What if our goals were different this year? Let’s not be part of the 55% who never make resolutions January 1st, or part of the 92% of those who do make them but don’t succeed. Instead of focusing on bettering ourselves (making ourselves look better, seem more interesting, or have more money), what if our goals were focused on making the lives of other people better by spending quality time with them, serving them, and spending more energy thinking about their needs than our own?

Consider setting goals like: spending an hour a week helping at a homeless shelter or with your elderly neighbor, giving 10% more to charity each month, spending an hour a week with your parents or grandparents, putting down your phone and taking a friend out for coffee instead, or teaching a class at the community center. Help mentor a child or teenager who is struggling with homework, home life, or where to go to college.

Writing these goals down and putting them somewhere you can see them often has been found to help us keep resolutions. Also, telling your friends about your goals will help prompt you to follow through.

There is strength in numbers, so why not ask your co-workers and those who shop or work with you to join you in these resolutions? Form a group for volunteering at a local soup kitchen, or hold a neighborhood yard sale and give the proceeds to charity. Helping others can be more fun with friends.
Looking outward at others and taking action has been proven to reward us exponentially. Why not score a WIN/WIN in 2016?

Let us know what resolutions YOU and your friends will be making for next year.