5 timeless truths about PR

By Booth Media Group

1. We’re all human. That’s right – you’re a person, and the people on the other end of the email or phone are people, too. So, talk to them like people. Put some dang personality into your pitches and your follow up messages. Think you’re tired of leaving the same voicemail 100 times? Try listening to it over and over. It’s ok to be a little spicy (professionally speaking, of course.)

2. Grammar matters. Typos display a lack of care. Do you like getting emails from strangers rife with dropped words and misplaced modifiers? Probably not. Double check your spelling!

3. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. If you say you’ll call back at 1:09 pm PST, then do it. Make a note, set an alarm, tie a whole ball of yarn around your finger. Follow through on your word. And if they say, “Thanks for the pitch, but no thanks,” don’t argue – respectfully accept this professional rejection and leave the bridge to that producer solidly in place for the next client.

4. Your listeners can hear the smile in your voice. But the reverse is also true: you can hear the smile (or lack thereof) in their voice, so be ready to adjust your pitch as needed to match the mood of the person on the other end. Are they sounding stressed right now? Offer to call back later. Do they sound like they want to chat a bit? Throw in some small talk – see point 1: you’re both humans!

5. Do for others what you would want done for you. So you need interviews and bookings for your clients, and that is why you’re calling and following up with the media. But what do they need? Be aware and alert of what your contacts are looking for – if you are genuinely helpful in providing good stories, guests, and information, you move from being an annoying fly buzzing around their voicemail to a valued friend or respected resource. And in this business, friends and valuable resources matter.

What exactly does a PR Firm Do? Part One

BMG (3)You’ve spent the past months, years and possibly even decades writing your book. Now that you have a published work that is basically part of the family tree, you want to get serious about people reading your book – besides your immediate family, of course.

Here’s where we step in. As a boutique public relations firm, Booth Media Group
specializes in attaining media coverage of your book so readers who are interested in your genre learn about and purchase your book.

There are a multitude of PR firms that focus in just about anything you can imagine from fitness to entertainment to dog toys. As an author you’ll want a PR firm that works with books since it will have connections to media who are interested in the book industry and your story.

Getting back to the main point – what exactly does a PR firm do? It’s a question that has so many answers we’ve split it into three blog posts. Today we’re focusing on the most basic part of a PR agency: media relations.

The boiled down answer is we use our connections and knowledge of the media to get coverage and exposure of your book.
It seems simple, right?

Just like writing a book seems simple, it isn’t. That’s why you need a PR firm that specializes in the book industry and can get you the media coverage you deserve.
We are so committed to making sure you get the best PR firm for your book that we dedicated an entire blog post to what you should ask and look for in a quality PR firm.

At Booth Media Group we spend countless hours writing, pitching, researching and following up with the media to maximize the coverage of your book. In fact the first few hours of any publicists day at BMG is spent booking interviews and interacting with the media. Through our pleasantly persistent publicists and tailoring what media we pitch for each book, we have built strong media contacts who continuously book with our authors.

As a PR firm that specializes in the book industry, we know what works and what doesn’t. It also helps that we’ve been in the business for over 19 years, developing strong relationships with the media who respect us and how we work.

Check back next week as we talk about the essential sidekick to any PR agency: social media.

What to Look For In a PR Agency

When looking at public relations agencies for your book, it’s intimidating if you don’t know what to look for.

After spending countless hours writing, editing and publishing your book, you want an agency that cares about your book as much as you do.

With 15 years of representing a variety of authors, Booth Media Group has some tips for authors who are making the leap into the book PR world.

Access to Your Publicist

One of the most frustrating things for clients is not being able to reach their publicist. After working so hard on your book, you want a publicist who can discuss strategy for the campaign and talk to you on a weekly basis. Access to your publicist is key when looking at PR agencies.


A good PR agency understands the important of diligent follow-ups because sometimes it takes a great deal of emails or voicemails to land the interview. It’s our job to continuously follow up with the media to ensure you’re getting the most coverage for your book.

Book PR Experience

Book PR is a whole different ball game than lifestyle, technical, entertainment, or any other type of PR. Making sure the agency has experience in the book industry is crucial for a successful campaign, as well as the peace of mind knowing your publicist is pitching the right media for your book. Targeting the media to reach your audience is crucial.

Reliable List of Contacts

PR is all about building relationships and any good PR firm should have a database of media contacts ready to be pitched. A reliable database is made of up of personal and professional connections makes the difference between getting no coverage and a story in the New York Times.


You’ve worked incredibly hard on your book and for the money you’re investing in a PR agency. When interviewing agencies, ask if it provides weekly, monthly or quarterly updates to you. Knowing what your publicist is doing for your campaign is key in building the trust every successful campaign is built upon.

Booth Media Group is a boutique public relations firm specializing in non-fiction book campaigns, online marketing strategies and publicity tours for authors and experts. Since Booth Media Group’s establishment in 1998, our publicists have created and successfully completed over 350 book campaigns. We have worked with a variety of authors including first-time and self-published authors, authors who have been published by major publishing houses, and New York Times bestselling authors.

Our expertise lies in the books with subject matters relating to business, personal finance, current events, politics, economics, leadership, relationship, family/parenting, pet, personal development, health, and cooking.