Thanksgiving 2015

By Booth Media Groupthanksgiving2015

In 2015 the world has seen many things, many of them frightening and tragic. With terrorist bombings, school shootings, and other tragedies around the country and the world, it can be difficult sometimes to allow ourselves to feel thankful a
nd blessed. It can be difficult to remember the good, when times are dark. But it is very important to pause for a few moments each day – and especially on Thanksgiving – to remember and be grateful for the wonderful things in each of our lives, like the special, loving people who surround us.

Let’s not lose focus on what is truly important to us and what contributions each of us can make to better our lives and the lives of others. Let’s focus on all the moments in 2015 when we saw human beings helping each other and good things happening to those around us and to ourselves. Take a moment this Thanksgiving, and every day, to think of a couple of things or maybe a person or two that we are thankful for. Say those things out loud and let those people know they are special. Two minutes spent being grateful each day can dramatically improve your life and happiness. Why wait until 2016 to be happier and more grateful? Let’s start now.

Happy Thanksgiving from Booth Media Group.

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