The Holidays: A Magical Time

from your friends at Booth Media Group The holidays are a special time. We reconnect with those who are most special to us, sometimes for the first time all year. We go out of our way to think about others, especially family and close friends, instead of ourselves, picking out gifts they will enjoy, letting them know we’re thinking about them. We give more, receive gracefully, and generally practice good will to those around us.

We seem to forget all the nastiness, the road rage, the gossip, the family bickering, and the differences that we allowed to divide us from our fellow human beings during the rest of the year.
Imagine if it was ALWAYS the holidays, in our hearts? Would you be happier? Would you make others happier? Would you give more and take less? Would you make a difference?

Why wait until this time of year to create a little holiday magic?

This is a time of year when faith, hope, and meaning are emphasized in our daily lives. These things add depth to our experiences and a brightness to our activities that we miss during the other 11 months. Imagine finding new joy and new hope throughout the year by consciously making every day special.

In a world full of horrible news reported 24/7, incessant focus on what separates us from each other, and a barrage of negativity in social media and elsewhere, we can each be a small ray of sunshine and a beacon of hope – and by joining those small ray of lights together we can cast a bright light far and wide.

Stay tuned for the next part in this series: Action Steps for 2016

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